Zoning Administrators and Other Planning Adjacent Professions

Zoning administration and enforcement is hard work. In smaller municipalities, the zoning administrator might even serve as the de facto planner, building official, and code enforcement officer. The Michigan Association of Planning recognizes the critical role of the zoning administrator in the planning, zoning, and development review processes and we have developed publications, workshops, and resources specifically for this position. MAP offers customized products to help Zoning Administrators understand their roles, responsibilities, and legal framework, and how they fit into municipal community building.

Zoning Adminstration Workshop 

Debuted in 2018, this 4 hour comprehensive program is for administrators in rural, suburban, or urban settings. Interested in a more complete understanding of all facets of zoning administration from legal basis to record keeping to enforcement? Recorded version available for on demand learning, includes a robust reference book. Cost is $100.

On March 6 and 7th, MAP will be offering the Zoning Administration workshop live via Zoom. Registration opens in January!


Michigan's Planning and Zoning Laws

 A series of conversations on what the laws say and why they were written that way. Recorded in spring 2020. Available for free.


Michigan Signage Guidebook Package 

Registration:  $25

  • Sign Guidelines Presentation Pre-Recorded | Watch On Demand
  • Sign Guidelines Q and A  Recorded | Watch On Demand
  • Sign Guidebook, 2nd Edition. Attendees receive a discount. Look for promo code in your registration confirmation
  • Michigan Planner magazine. December /January 2021 issue devoted to Signs

Contact MAP to purchase.  


Zoning Adminstration 2.0 Workshop 

Debuted in 2023, this 2.5 hour workshop is a fast paced, interactive session. The following topics are reviewed: roles, laws other than zoning that affect land use, enforcement, court cases, and trends in zoning.  Recorded version available for on demand learning, includes a reference book and links to online activities. Cost is $55. Contact MAP to purchase.  


Home Occupations Workshop

Registration:  $25

This 2 hour workshop recorded on December 8, 2021 includes 1 1/2 hours of presentation and then another 1/2 hour of questions and answers with the authors. Registrants for the online webinar receive a PDF of the complete Home Occupation publication, along with PDF and Word versions of the Sample Ordinance language.

Contact MAP to purchase.  


Build Your Own Workshop

With MAP's Build Your Own Workshop, you design the agenda from a dozen different topics (parking, clean energy, housing) that can be mixed and matched to fit your needs. Topics and registration details here.




Publications For Sale

More of a visual learner? Looking for great reference material for you, other staff, and officials? Look no further. MAP has a comprehensive book store on a wide variety of zoning and planning topics.




A membership with MAP provides you early access to all of MAP's offerings at a discounted price. In addition, members receive the Michigan Planner magazine on a bi-monthly basis that includes topics important and relevant to zoning administrators. 

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