Spring Institute 2022 - Housing Summit

Thank you to all who participated in MAP's housing summit on Wednesday, May 18th.  On Wednesday June 15, MAP is offering a “supplement” to our May 18 full-day Housing Summit. If you attended the MAP Housing Summit on May 18, this virtual event is included with your Housing Summit registration. All others, the cost is $45.  See agenda below. 

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This afternoon event includes recordings of Jenny Schuetz’s May 18th opening keynote, Fixing the Broken Housing System, and Ryan Kilpatrick's Understanding Your Local Housing Market; a live, virtual panel: State Zoning Reform Across the Country; and a live presentation of the MAP Zoning Reform Toolkit (a repeat from the summit).

2:00 – 3:15 Zoning Reform Across the Country
Moderated by Jason Jordan, APA’s Legislative Policy Director, this virtual (and live ) session will explore how other states are advancing zoning reforms that contemporize outdated zoning laws that perpetuate segregation, threaten the supply of affordable housing and hinder sustainable development. Learn about zoning reform initiatives from other APA Chapter leaders: Ed Sullivan, Oregon Chapter | Jenny Raitt, Massachusetts Chapter | Eli Rubin, Northern New England Chapter / Maine Association of Planners | Josh Clements, Wisconsin Chapter

3:30 – 4:30 Michigan Chapter’s Zoning Reform Toolkit
This MSHDA funded Michigan Zoning Reform Toolkit will be complete, and ready to launch! The session will cover zoning’s role in how our communities have evolved, an overview of 15 specific tools to contemporize your codes, and overviews of which tools are most appropriate in different municipal settings. Presenters: Ryan Kilpatrick, AICP, Housing Next | Suzanne Schulz, FAICP, Progressive AE

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Understanding Your Local Housing Market | Recorded | 0.75 AICP CM
Most communities in Michigan are struggling with a mismatch between housing demand and housing supply, but every community is a little different, and every neighborhood unique in its own way. Th is session will highlight commonly available tools to help planners better understand hyper-local market dynamics and to use that understanding to better inform policy and zoning recommendations. Questions we will cover include: Why aren’t we seeing more mixed-use buildings? When do accessory dwelling units make financial sense? What are the most important elements to consider when zoning for missing middle housing types? Presenter: Ryan Kilpatrick AICP, Housing Next

Fixing the Broken Housing System | Recorded | 0.75 AICP CM
Th e main obstacle to fixing our broken housing system is not the absence of good policy ideas, but wicked hard politics. Those who benefit from the status quo—including many middle- and upper-income homeowners—are understandably reluctant to allow changes. Those who stand to gain the most from change (younger households, especially renters) are underrepresented among elected officials, often face barriers to political participation, and have not yet built durable coalitions around shared policy goals. Presenter: Jenny Schuetz, Brookings Institute, author of Fixer Upper



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