Memorial Scholarship Programs

MAP’s Memorial Scholarship Program was created by Larry Bauman and Mike Banas in 1993 to honor their dear friend Mike Manore, a long time planning leader who had passed away. The Memorial Scholarship Program is funded by proceeds generated at an annual Golf Outing – the first one held in 1997 - to perpetually fund scholarships for graduate and undergraduate urban and regional planning students in Michigan.  The program was expanded in 2003 to provide funding to train elected and appointed officials in Michigan, and beginning in April 2011, broadened to incorporate scholarships for professionals. 

Those wishing to make a donation to the scholarship fund may contact Andrea Brown.  

The scholarship committee reviews all applications received and awards scholarships at the Planning Michigan Annual Conference in the fall.


Memorial Student Scholarship Program

The student scholarships are offered once a year, and the application is due on Friday, May 14, 2021

You must be a member of Michigan Association of Planning and enrolled at a Michigan college or university for academic year 2021-2022 in an urban or regional planning program or related curriculum with an emphasis on land use planning.

Please click here for the Memorial Student Scholarship application.

Elected and Appointed Officials Scholarship Program
The purpose of this training is for members of Michigan Association of Planning (either as an individual member or as part of a group membership) who serve in an appointed or elected capacity. The training provided is geared toward elected officials, planning commissioners, or zoning board of appeals members and support staff.  

Please click here for the Official Scholarship application.

Professional Training Scholarship 

You must be a member of Michigan Association of Planning (either as an individual member or as part of a group membership).

Created to address the educational and training needs of professional planners, zoning administrators, building officials, and other positions related to planning and service to the planning profession in Michigan, Professional Planner Scholarship applications will be received throughout the year.  Recipients can select from a variety of MAP programs: Transportation Bonanza, MAP Annual Conference, MAP Spring Institute, and other professional development events not yet scheduled.

Please click here for the Professional Scholarship application.


Francis P. Bennett  

Charles A. Blessing

Bernard (BJ) Carey  

Thomas David Carey

Claude Coates, AICP  

Bernard DeVries

John Donahue  

Helen Foss

Carl Goldschmidt, FAICP  

Keith Honey

Sherrin Hood, AICP  

Michael Howell, AICP

Gerald Luedtke  

Robert Leighton

Michael T. Manore  

Dennis Meagher

Jerry Mears  

David A. Nicholson, AICP

Maurice F. Parkins, AICP  

George A. Peek, AICP

Lisa Radtke  

Lillian Randolph

Brandon Rogers  

William Deane Smith

Carol Steininger-Banas, AICP  

Ben Tallerico, AICP

Helen Willis   Owen Winnie, AICP