partner logos for renewable energy academyRenewable Energy Academy | Planning & Zoning for Wind & Solar Energy Systems: A Guide for Michigan Local Governments

The Michigan Association of Planning is working in partnership with the University of Michigan and Michigan State University to develop and launch a Renewable Energy Academy, a collection that meets the educational needs of a range of decision makers, from appointed and elected officials to planning professionals and attorneys.  The collection consists of the following components:

Renewable Energy Academy Introductory Webinar | April 13 | Virtual  The MAP led Renewable Academy is developed and instructed by planners and attorneys.  The course will provide details for planning and regulatory implementation.  

Solar and Wind Facility Tour on October 26, 2023 leaving and returning to the Lansing area!  $15 includes lunch and light refreshments. 5 AICP CM Credits offered (1 Resiliency and 4 general CM Credits).   This tour is now full.  Check back next year for more tours.  

Deep Dive/Nuts and Bolts Courses | Late June and early July | Virtual Participants of any of the above mentioned introductory trainings can register for live sessions via Zoom to work on plans, ordinances, and policies with Sarah Mills.  Topics will include rooftop solar, solar on agricultural land, wind site standards, and much more.  The intent of these specific sessions is to take a deep dive into planning and zoning for wind and solar, and provide a clinic like experience where participants can Ask the Expert. Thanks to a grant from EGLE through the University of Michigan, these sessions are offered free of charge.  

Renewable Energy Academy Webinar | April 13 | 3:30 PM to 5 PM | $10 Registration Fee

Michigan’s diverse energy future is set in motion. Utility companies have bold plans to expand solar options and other forms of renewable energy over the next two decades and beyond. The shift in the utility sector from centralized power generation to a higher number of accessory and principal use solar energy systems (SES) means nearly every jurisdiction in Michigan will be approached about a solar installation within the next five years. However, relatively few of Michigan's 1,850 local government jurisdictions are prepared with policy or regulation. The purpose of this training is to prepare Michigan's municipal professionals and officials for this reality.  

Join Sarah Mills, PhD and Catherine Kaufman, JD, AICP for this high level webinar.

Registrants will also receive access to the recorded MSU Extension presentation.  In order to best participate in the Renewable Energy Academy webinar, registrants are encouraged to watch the MSU Extension presentation in advance of this webinar.  1.5 AICP CM Credits are available for the pre-recorded session and 1.5 AICP CM Credits are available for the webinar.